Wireline Truck Manufacturing, Repair and Service

Endeavor Industries, Inc. Manufactures New Wireline Equipment, Wireline Trucks, Logging Trucks, Skids, Operator Cabins, Slickline Units, Gun Loading Trailers and Slip Rings. All our equipment is custom built to our customer’s specifications


Endeavor Industries, Inc. has extensive experience repairing and refurbishing all types of wireline equipment. Wireline Trucks, Skids, Slickline Units Slip Rings and Offshore Units. We can service and repair your hydraulic and electrical systems. Repair or replace parts on your draw works.


Endeavor Industries, Inc. is serving the Houston and surrounding areas. We can perform repairs at your shop saving you time and money.

Wireline Equipment

Endeavor Industries, Inc. has been in the oilfield and related industries for over 35 years. During this time, we have demonstrated our expertise in handling the maintenance and repairs of all types of equipment. We never take any shortcuts.

We take pride in being able to say that we are a leading industry expert. We value our customers time and safety, so we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. We take the necessary steps to make sure our customers are able to get back to work as soon as possible and stay working.



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